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5 Black Hat SEO Techniques you should never Use

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5 Black Hat SEO Techniques you should never Use

On October 5, 2018, Posted by , In SEO, With No Comments

Black hat SEO is the questionable techniques that people use to rank their websites higher. While white hat SEO takes time to improve the ranking of a site, black hat SEO can boost the site ranking very quickly. These techniques should be avoided as you may be penalized by Google for using it. Here are some black hat SEO techniques that you should avoid.

Keyword stuffing

Sometimes people add a large number of targeted keywords. They think that it will generate more searches on the search engines. However, this type of content doesn’t seem natural and Google can detect it.

Link spamming

People send out links to many social sites. Most of these sites don’t have any relevance to the content of their site. So, this type of link attracts disinterested users. This type of links fails to generate a lead.

 Invisible text

These are texts that are invisible to the users. These are white texts written on a white background. These texts can be detected b the search engines, though. So, they will index them.

Article spinning

A special software is used to spin an article that results in various articles by rephrasing the original one. This type of article is not usually detected by plagiarism tool.


Cloaking is a way of providing different content to the search engine spider to improve ranking. This is a deceptive method and should be avoided.

Black hat SEO techniques are very risky. It is usually detected by the search engines and may result in a penalty. It takes a lot of effort and time to remove this condition. So, you should avoid black hat SEO techniques by all means.

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