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5 Key Elements of an SEO Strategy

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5 Key Elements of an SEO Strategy

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The importance of SEO can’t be stressed more. Companies are now spending a lot of money on SEO services. Though you can use paid options to rank your site high in the search engine pages, the natural way of getting to the top is the best option. Here are the key elements of an SEO strategy.


Metadata can define who wrote the content, what the content is about, etc. You should optimize your Title and Meta Description tags.  Meta title is the title that is shown in the search engine results pages. It can be of 55 characters maximum. The meta title must have 3 main keywords. It must define your business.

Keyword research

You should do keyword research. It’s basically finding the keywords that people use to search for a product or service. There are various tools available that can help you to do keyword research.

Relevant content

You should write relevant content for your site. It should be based on the keywords. The people should get what they expect from your site. You should include images, share buttons, testimonials, etc. as well.


You should make sure that Google can find your content easily. There are some technical issues that can prevent Google from reviewing your content. If the content is hidden behind the JavaScript, for example, Google won’t be able to see the content. You should improve the crawlability of your site.


It is a very difficult step. You should write good contents so that other sites review your writing or talk about your business.

These elements are essential parts of an SEO strategy. You should always review these elements to make sure that your site is ranked high in the search engine results pages.

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